Product Placement

Product Placement and Insertion

BWM specializes in providing high yield product placement and insertion to specific sectors within the Federal Government. These sectors are comprised of, but not limited to, the following Federal Government Departments: Defense, Veterans Affairs, Justice and Homeland security. With over 75 years of experience, BWM has established a highly effective network of Acquisition, Technology and Systems Engineering Professional  Networks that can transition your product from “Tactical to Practical” or from “Practical to Tactical”, with a focus on timeliness and affordability.

Core Competency
Our intimate knowledge of the latest Federal capability requirements, complex regulatory business processes and leadership professional networks enable an effective exposure and further integration of your product, idea or service into the Government acquisition system.

Spiral Product Exposure
BWM can assist your business in developing effective strategies that can result in the exposure of emerging products, capabilities or technologies into relevant Federal Government markets that can transition into Commercial National and Global solutions. This spiral development strategy (Fig 1) enables your product growth at specific market sectors in a linear and cost effective manner maximizing exposure and the number of potential users.

Focus Areas

  • Human Performance Technologies, Methods and Research
  • Health Care Technologies and Solutions
  • Integration of the Human System into Materiel Solutions
  • Special Operations Technologies
  • Defense  Acquisition, Procurement and Logistics